Accoya Wood


What we use

At Saddleworth Sash Windows, we recommend using Accoya sustainable wood for all our sash windows, doors and other joinery projects.

Accoya is a top of the range timber which can be used for Sash Windows, doors, decking and all other types of joinery projects.

Accoya for Sash Windows

For Sash windows and frames, Accoya wood is the material of choice.

It has an extremely low thermal conductivity and more durable than the best tropical hardwoods. It is available either opaque or transparent coated (natural wood look). 

Accoya’s low maintenance requirements adds to its cost effectiveness and environmental credentials; sash windows shrink and swell less so they open and close freely all year round.

Accoya for Doors

All exterior doors should be durable, dimensionally stable (to prevent doors becoming difficult to open and close in bad weather) and easy to maintain.

Accoya wood meets these criteria and may be used to create simple or complex designs with a choice of finishes.

As Accoya is so stable it means coatings last longer and therefore offer less maintenance.

The Environment

Accoya wood is FSC certified and C2C Gold sustainability certified and through independent testing to be shown as carbon negative when made as windows.